OH OH INTRO - STUDENT INTRODUCTION - FESTIVAL at Lange Voorhout on Thursday 3 September 2020 from 15:00 till 23:00, so be there in:










Partners / Pers:
Wilt u deelnemen aan de informatiemarkt van het OH OH INTRO festival  mailt u ons dan naar info@acku.nl

OH OH INTRO 2020 –  the best way to get introduced in The City Of The Hague !!!

Board members and tour leaders for OH OH INTRO

Do you like to find out how to contribute to nice projects in the city. We offer you serious opportunities to meet new friends and support the good cause.

Task descriptions:

Volunteer Coordination (before, during, after)
As the coordinator of volunteers, your main responsibilities are the following:

Recruitment of volunteers: this means writing vacancies, establish recruitment ideas/schemes with regards to how to mobilize more volunteers

Information transmission to volunteers: keep all volunteers informed about new developments, organizational tasks, allocate tasks/roles. You can use e-mail, WhatsApp to do so, nonetheless, we know from experience it is always best to have a meeting to discuss matters.

Contracts: it is your task to collect information about all volunteers (copy of IDs, sign contracts), put them into a document that we can access.

Task division/allocation of sub-roles: it is best to allocate specific roles to the volunteers so that they know what they have to do (by) when. People work best when they have been given multiple deadlines – in case someone has troubles with something as the volunteer coordinator, you respond to that as quickly as possible and help if needed or inform ACKU about it.

Motivation: remind the volunteers about the end goal and the benefits of helping out during such a big production (gain work experience, ETCS, recommendation). Their incentives should be bigger than just monetary, ACKU provides them with a unique experience.After the event, it is important to collect experience reports by all volunteers. This should include their opinions on what went well and what could have been better. Their feedback helps ACKU improve upcoming events. Also, we would like to ensure that all of the volunteers have a good experience working with ACKU and feel comfortable at all times.

Planning / Programming (before, during, after)
Most of the programming is either handled by ACKU or the participating acts/fraternities. However, there is always room for input and we would like to provide our visitors with an unique experience that they won’t forget. Therefore, we would like to have a group of students/volunteers that help us with production/décor etc. to keep the costs as low as possible with the best possible quality.

Promotion / Marketing (before, during, after event)
ACKU creates a promotional planning as well as social media campaign already. Nonetheless, there should be more promotional activities in order to have as many students as possible attending OH OH INTRO. ACKU likes to have fellow students help us get in better touch with students, hence your input is crucial. Most important here is to keep financial aspects in mind, and what is possible to do. Also, you will be in charge of spreading flyers throughout the city and schools. The other volunteers are there surely to help you.

Communications (before, during, after)
As a member of the communications team, you will help ACKU write press releases announcing the event/programme and give students more information on OH OH INTRO. Moreover, you will be responsible to approach the general press as well. Your main responsibility is to ‘spread the word’ about OH OH INTRO regarding print media and radio. The motto here is the more press the better! This also includes publishing information and updates through the school’s medium (e.g. portal).

Social Media Communications
One of our goals is to establish a social media committee that coordinates the online campaign for ACKU regarding all of their events. Your function is to create a planning (when to post what on which platform), collect important analytics (who is our target audience) and other content. Moreover, you will be responsible for posting content/updates but moreover, interact as well as respond to people’s messages.

Student Associations intermediary function
Your main task is the communication between student/study associations, fraternities and ACKU. Moreover, if they are any task at hand that need your assistance, you will help with that as well. Every year, associations are able to promote themselves during OH OH INTRO during the planning phase your task is check in with them and confirm if there are any problems concerning the promotion for example. Keep an overview of everything at all times.

City tour leaders
ACKU brings new students to the best places in town with the OH OH CITY TOURS. The sight seeing tours lead by students open up doors of various organizations in the center of The Hague and on Scheveningen. Do you have a loud voice, do you want to learn the historical aspects of The City of The Hague and get a financial benefit in return, please subscribe for the tour leaders class. You will be educated by a famous tour leader of The Hague.

Please send us your motivation letter and cv. Mail to: info@acku.nl

ACKU can provide you with a good work testimony which you can use for your LinkedIn and cv.